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when nature calls

When the team at Cartagena and the people at Importations BMT met in their new operational offices in Montreal, Quebec during a harsh Canadian winter, little did they know that nature was working its way into a mesmerizing transformation.

As the snow melted on humid tree branches and water slowly made its way into the soil, life started to return. Spring was here again and so were the birds. Flowers bloomed, the air was slightly warmer, and the busy streets took on a new vibe. Rebirth.

That is when the team took a step out of their comfort zone, quite literally.

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the treasure hunt

Canada’s climate, just like its nature, is very varied. The differences in weather from one part of the country to the other are not negligible! But the beauty of the scenery makes this unpredictability all worth it.  

Not all areas here allow things to grow… the North is cold, icy and mostly just a big stretch of pearly white. But the South offers a wide range of tastes and aromas. From rainy and temperate Vancouver, to continental Toronto, the “warmer strip” is where we found most of the precious ingredients that were used to create our Tresor.

One by one, every herb, fruit and spice was carefully selected. And then began the process of mixing, adding, combining and tasting.

What you hold in your hands now is the result of endless days and nights of hard-work, trials, failures, smiles, encouragement and, well, a few tipsy moments… but it is mostly the result of the passionate journey that led us to discover how a few simple ingredients, blended the right way, can come together into a delectable drink.

Today, we hold our glasses of gin, hoping that a sip of our precious Tresor will take you with us on this wonderful voyage where we explored the many expressions of the breathtaking, multifaceted and welcoming country that dominates the Northern Hemisphere, our beautiful Canada.

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ilustraciones gin 9_edited_edited_edited
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